In an effort to consolidate resources for the benefit of the IOST network, several node representatives from around the world have partnered together to form the IOST Global Alliance.

This association of nodes and influencers will share a common bond and purpose; to ensure that the IOST network moves positively towards a more decentralized framework through an emphasis on increasing engagement and action within the greater IOST community.



Founding Members



“A decentralized project needs a team of dedicated community members to
succeed. The IGA is a formalized effort by committed IOST community
partners & nodes to push forward this project that we deeply believe in.”

– Bitboy Crypto


Interested in joining the IGA?


The initial goals of the IGA will be to:

  • Work alongside IOST, ICAC and other IOST organizations to help achieve their goals for the protocol.
  • Increase awareness of the IOST blockchain across the globe, with a focus on Western and English-speaking markets.
  • Create a “Project Fund” that awards those who further the awareness of the IOST blockchain through dapp development.
  • Sponsor, host and/or participate in events and activities that promote the IOST blockchain.
  • Identify a niche market and build out a robust SDK that is superior to the competitors.




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